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Epidemia de guerra común

Hora: 2022-04-13 Golpes : 16

Anti virus and anti influenza? Let's talk about the hidden epidemic prevention soldier in

vida - Chlorogenic ¡ácido!

Epidemic prevention and control must not be relaxed!

From the end of 2019 to now, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pneumonia, all kinds of mask were sold out, then sold out of alcohol and chlorine disinfectant. For example, ten miles and eight townships have begun to close their own roads, the village head's Radio told everyone not to go out, and all kinds of hard core banners make people cry and laugh.

Speaking of this, I have to mention a big Oolong at that time: trump said drinking disinfectant could kill the virus, but Americans really believed it?! Maryland received only more than 100 calls for disinfectant water to kill COVID-19 in just one day. New York received more than twice the number of calls for disinfectant disinfection. Well, are the old Americans not clear headed?

First, mask alcohol, and then later, I heard that Shuanghuanglian could inhibit the virus, so Shuanghuanglian oral liquid was also out of stock. At that time, the windows of many pharmacies and hospitals said "Shuanghuanglian has been sold out".


Novel coronavirus pneumonia is exaggeration in its role in the treatment of new crown pneumonia, but it can not be denied that it has two brushes for the virus. The ingredients of Shuanghuanglian are honeysuckle, Scutellaria baicalensis and Forsythia suspensa. After Shuanghuanglian sold out, many people began to panic buying honeysuckle. What kind of effect did honeysuckle play on COVID-19 pneumonia? Let's introduce the little anti-virus expert of Lvke today!



01 Self introduction of Chlorogenic acid


Xiaoke: don't sell the key. Chlorogenic acid, come on

Introduce yourself!

Chlorogenic acid: Hello, everyone. My name is Chlorogenic acid and my English name is Chlorogenic acid. My chemical formula is c16h18o9 and the molecular weight is 354.30. I can extract from Eucommia ulmoides leaves, honeysuckle, green coffee beans, stevia and other plants. My role is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, which is widely used in drugs, health products and cosmetics. I have many advantages. Next, let me introduce it to you in detail!



02 Different plant sources Main differences of Chlorogenic acid


My distribution is very extensive, ranging from higher dicotyledons to lower ferns. It mainly exists in plants such as honeysuckle, eucommia, Compositae and Rosaceae (several plants with more content: Eucommia ulmoides, green coffee beans, honeysuckle and stevia). In addition, the fruits and vegetables we eat daily also contain trace amounts of Chlorogenic acid, such as potatoes, red cabbage, carrots, eggplant, cabbage, old lettuce, spinach, etc.

Of course, I also have many different specifications, and sometimes you may not be able to distinguish them. However, you only need to remember these: different contents of Chlorogenic acid have obvious differences in color and water solubility. For example, low content of Eucommia ulmoides Chlorogenic acid generally has dark color and poor water solubility.

Honeysuckle has low content of Chlorogenic acid, good water solubility and yellow color; Chlorogenic acid from green coffee beans is a mixture. We generally calculate the total acid content, and the main market specification is 50% of the total acid; Stevia Chlorogenic acid is generally about 10%, which is mainly used for feed addition and blending. Moreover, stevia Chlorogenic acid has another characteristic different from other plant Chlorogenic acid, that is, its taste is sweet!

At present, the high content of Chlorogenic acid in the market is mainly from Eucommia ulmoides leaves, which requires good water solubility and white powder color.


03 Virus killer without emotion


Secret smell of Chlorogenic acid

The love and hatred between me and the virus in those years

YO (Chlorogenic acid) has important applications in modern clinic. It is an effective antibacterial and antiviral component. And it can be inactivated by protein in the body, so I can be seen in a variety of preparations on the market, including oral drugs and injection drugs.


I can significantly inhibit and kill many kinds of pathogenic bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Shigella sonnei, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, Shigella dysenteriae, typhoid, pneumococcus, Micrococcus garciniae and Legionella. Its antibacterial mechanism is related to the non competitive inhibition of arylamine acetyltransferase (NAT) in bacteria.


Not only that, I also have strong anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, improving immunity (enhancing the value-added of immune cells, such as macrophages and lymphocytes), and protecting the liver and gallbladder.


In the long history of China, although I didn't have a name a long time ago, honeysuckle is very famous. Honeysuckle has a long medicinal history. As early as 3000 years ago, our ancestors began to use it to prevent and treat diseases. Here is a short story:

It is said that when Qu Yuan was exiled through Xupu, Hunan, he was infected with the plague and could not afford to faint. Later, the mountain people picked honeysuckle and poured it with fried soup. Qu Yuan woke up in less than half an hour.


In Xupu, it is still said: "there are two pots of honeysuckle at home. Don't be afraid of the scorching summer. The Peony Fairy once had heatstroke, and the Golden Flower Fairy cured her." Folk songs. It can be seen that our wise ancient predecessors have already recognized the detoxification of honeysuckle. However, one of the main active ingredients in honeysuckle is me - Chlorogenic ¡ácido!



04 auxiliary effect against influenza and virus


I (Lv Yuan acid) can not treat New Coronavirus, but I still have some adjuvant therapy for New Coronavirus. Although my antiviral function is not targeted, I have the effects of broad-spectrum antiviral, bacteriostatic, antioxidant and strengthening immunity.


I have antifungal activity against a variety of plant pathogenic fungi and have the potential of biological fungicides. The mechanism is to control the growth of different plant pathogenic fungi by inhibiting the early transmembrane of fungal spores. Moreover, I also have a strong inhibitory effect on a variety of pathogenic bacteria such as hemolytic streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus and pathogenic viruses of upper respiratory tract infection.


Antibacteriano y antiinflamatorio.

So, for example, now common pneumonia, even cough, as long as it is considered to be bacterial infection or combined bacterial infection, I will be used! Just like some Banlangen Granules, honeysuckle granules and antiviral oral liquid we usually drink, they have certain preventive and adjuvant therapeutic effects on viral diseases.



05 other functions of Chlorogenic acid


Comida 1

I (Chlorogenic acid) is also a new and efficient phenolic antioxidant. If a small amount of Chlorogenic acid is added to lard, the antioxidant stability of lard can be improved and the shelf life can be increased. I also have the function of enhancing fragrance and protecting color, which can be used for the preservation of food and fruits.


2 skin care products and cosmetics

Ladies and sisters' skin care products and cosmetics are also inseparable from me. I can protect everyone's collagen from free radicals such as reactive oxygen species, and can effectively prevent the harmful effect of ultraviolet rays on human skin. Therefore, I am often added to skin care products to play a protective role.


Of course, my anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect is also brilliant in skin care products. I can effectively clear away heat and detoxification, cool blood and remove blood stasis. By promoting blood circulation and eliminating toxins in the body, I can achieve the effect of removing acne and various spots.


Alimentación 3

With the increasingly strict restrictions on the use of antibiotics by the Ministry of agriculture, I have become the product choice to replace or partially replace antibiotics.


Under the market background of serious homogenization, I have the advantages of improving immunity, regulating feeding, expelling insects, improving reproductive performance and meat flavor, which can better help feed enterprises create high-quality and differentiated commercial feed products.



06 Chlorogenic acid advantage


1 quality control of Eucommia ulmoides raw materials from the source

Control the stability and reliability of raw materials and control the quality from the source.


2 multi specification supply, customized according to special requirements

Multiple specifications (5% - 98%) of Eucommia ulmoides Chlorogenic acid supply. According to your special requirements (such as product solubility, color, etc.). Relying on our strong R & D strength, we can provide you with product customization services.


3 pure natural Eucommia ulmoides leaves extraction

From raw materials to product delivery, the whole process quality control. We only extract and concentrate the leaves of Eucommia ulmoides leaves, and do not add and take other chemical synthetic substances.


4 main products, leading technology

Nuestro Chlorogenic acid has been produced since 2006. After more than ten years of technological innovation, we keep improving, and the quality has always been in a leading position in the industry.


5 exclusive process, high-purity water-soluble, visible quality

Exclusive extraction technology, high-purity Eucommia Chlorogenic acid, visible quality, good water solubility and white powder.

HPLC of 98% ulmoides eucommia Chlorogenic ácido

Remember me, my name is Chlorogenic ácido


I'll talk to you so much for the time being today. In fact, I can't say my advantages for three days and three nights! Space is limited. I'll see you next time! But you must remember me. I am the gold medal assistant on the way to fight virus, the flower protector on the way to love beauty, and the safety guard in the agricultural and livestock industry! My name is Chlorogenic ¡ácido!


Fight the epidemic together and protect our homeland!


In the winter when the epidemic first came, we said that no winter was insurmountable and no spring would not come. Although, after nearly three years, the epidemic has not ended. However, in the face of this "people's war" to combat the epidemic, we will work together with firm confidence to face difficulties.


Even though this battle is extremely difficult, it cannot resist the determination of the Chinese people to unite as one and fight the "epidemic" together, nor the pace of our efforts to forge ahead and fight for our dreams. Xiaoke will go hand in hand with you to win the blocking war of epidemic prevention and control!


We should continue to maintain the good habit of epidemic prevention and control, adhere to wearing masks and less gathering, and consciously scan the code in public places and cooperate with body temperature measurement.